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How brands can utilize NeuroTags to reduce the carbon footprints

How NeuroTags can help brands to reduce the carbon footprints

Climate change (or global warming) is happening for real and its happening very fast. This is a wakeup call for all of us to work towards reducing the carbon footprints. As per NASA, the temperature of the earth’s surface has risen by 1.62 degrees since the late 19th century; this has occurred primarily due to increased carbon dioxide and other industrial emissions into the atmosphere. The CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is growing at a high rate. Continue Reading

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Digital Innovation: Let your products speak to your customers

Digital Innovation: Let your products speak to your customers

In the current era when technological advancements are happening very rapidly, the businesses need to leverage technology for better customer engagement and to stay in the competition. The brands have to be creative and quick in coming up with new ideas and implementing them to stay ahead of the competitors. Staying behind the technology has made even the great firms to fail.  Continue Reading

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SMS Based Drug Authentication System by NeuroTags

SMS based Drug authentication System by NeuroTags

Counterfeiting in medicines is one of the worst crimes happening these days because fake drugs put many lives in grave danger. Most of the countries are coming up with norms to curb the counterfeiting in Pharmaceuticals. The Indian government has made SMS based drug authentication system mandatory for top 300 brands to prevent the counterfeits. Continue Reading

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Counterfeit Eyewear may hurt your eyes in many ways

Anti-Counterfeit solution for Sunglasses, spectacles, contact lens

The future of the eyewear industry is very promising. The global eyewear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.49% during the period 2017-2021. This growth rate makes this industry very profitable for the counterfeiters too. Counterfeits of most of the eyewear brands are available these days. Ray-Ban is said to be the worst affected brand by the counterfeiting problem. Counterfeit eyewear hurt the users as well as the brands. Continue Reading

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Counterfeit clothing degrades the brand’s value

Anti-Counterfeit solution for clothing brands

In 2017, the global market lost approximately $450 billion due to counterfeits in clothing, accessories, and footwear. The figures are snowballing every year.

Counterfeiting in well-performing brand’s clothing and accessories is very common. Earlier counterfeiters used to target only the high-end expensive brands, but now the fakes of most of the popular brands are available in the market. Online shopping has made selling the counterfeits much easier.  Continue Reading

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Counterfeit cosmetics have scary side-effects on consumers and the brands

Counterfeit cosmetics contain dangerous ingredients and are manufactured in unhygienic conditions. Using such products may have unimaginable side-effects and health risks. The cosmetics industry is called a recession-proof industry and has been growing at a steady rate every year. Counterfeiting in makeup brands too has been growing parallelly at an alarming rate. Continue Reading

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Track and Trace solution by NeuroTags

Digital Track and Trace Solution by NeuroTags

Track and trace solution is becoming a necessity for every company for securing the supply chain as well as for maintaining its smooth functioning. Track and trace solution also helps in recalling the products more accurately if such a need arises. In sectors such as pharmaceuticals, implementation of Track & Trace solution has been made mandatory by the government in many countries. Continue Reading

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Drug Authentication System may soon to be mandatory for Pharmaceutical Companies in India

Drug Authentication System may soon be mandatory in India

Counterfeiting in drugs and medicines has been a massive problem around the globe. Fake drugs put many lives in danger, and several times the patients die due to consumption of counterfeit medications. To curb the counterfeiting in the Pharmaceutical Industry, the government of India may soon make the Drug Authentication System mandatory for the Pharmaceutical companies. Continue Reading

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Beware, Counterfeit toys are dangerous for kids

Anti-Counterfeit solution for toys

Unfortunately, toys are being counterfeited like never before. According to the OECD-EUIPO study conducted in 2016, the estimated value of global trade in counterfeit toys and games was worth USD 9.72 billion (EUR 7.12 billion) in 2013. This means 11% of trade in games and toys was lost due to counterfeits, making this industry the second-worst affected by global counterfeiting problem. Continue Reading

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Digital Anti-Counterfeit solution to save farmers from fake Pesticides and fertilizers

Anti-Counterfeit solution for fertilizers and pesticides

In the latest counterfeit seizure done by Enforcement agencies in the EU, a massive 360 tonnes of illegal or fake pesticides has been seized. The extent of counterfeiting in this industry is shocking and alarming. Fake pesticides and fertilizers, not only hamper a brand’s reputation but also poses a health risk to a large population. The recently seized quantity of counterfeit pesticides is enough to spray 48,000 square kilometers, which is almost equivalent to the size of the UK. Continue Reading

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How NeuroTags helps brands to run the Referral Programs

NeuroTags helps in running referral programs

Happy customers always bring more customers with them. They will be further motivated to bring more customers with them if they get rewarded for doing so. It is needless to say that people are inclined to try a new brand if a friend recommends it. This is why running referral programs are one of the best ways to market products organically for any brand. Continue Reading

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How you can use Neurotags for effective marketing in the offline world

Because of the advent of smartphones, most of the people now have access to the internet at their fingertips. This has opened new exciting ways for marketing in the offline world. Brands can use this as an opportunity to make their presence in the market stronger. NeuroTags proves itself to be the perfect and ready-to-use platform for marketing in the offline world. Continue Reading

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How NeuroTags helps in running Loyalty Programs

Loyalty program by NeuroTags

In today’s competitive world customers have endless options for every type of product needs. This makes customer retention the biggest challenge for the brands. There are multiple brands of a particular item, which are equally good and have similar offerings. If brands can offer something additional to its repeat customers, they will want to buy again from the same brand. Running loyalty programs help a lot in such a scenario. Continue Reading

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How NeuroTags eliminates counterfeits by 100%

NeuroTags eliminates counterfeits by 100%

In 2017 alone, counterfeits worth $1.6 trillion were sold, which means a tremendous amount of revenue was snatched from the rightful hands. In 2018, counterfeiting is said to have become the largest criminal enterprise, leaving human trafficking and illegal drug trade behind. These facts may give you a glimpse of how big the counterfeit problem is. Continue Reading

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Brand protection and damage control are very important in Social Media based world today

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. – Sam Walton

A brand flourishes when it has its share of satisfied customers. And to keep the customers happy and satisfied, keeping Brand protection and Damage control strategies in place are very crucial.

Even after following rigorous quality checks and maintaining standard processes, having a few dissatisfied customers is inevitable for any brand. Usually, the unhappy customers are always much more active than Continue Reading

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Guide to choose the right Laser Engraver for your production setup

Products, made of hard materials, that last for years, usually need permanent marking of the brand on their surfaces, so that brand name or logo is readable even after long-term and heavy usage. This type of marking is done using laser engravers.

Now with lots of advancements in technology, these products are usually needed to be marked with a unique code, which is helpful in tracking and tracing the product. These codes are also beneficial in preventing the Continue Reading

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Geo-targeting for effective marketing

NeuroTags helps brands in geo-targeting

Did you know, Geo-targeting is possible with offline customers too? Yes, NeuroTags makes it possible in a very simple way.

Geo-targeting is conveying different messages to the users based on their geographic locations. NeuroTags can show different landing screens based on the geo-location of the user for any of your product line. This is how NeuroTags makes geo-targeting possible in the offline market too. Continue Reading

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Knowing your customer behavior is the key to better sales

Know your customer behaviour and where they are - Business is all about what to buy and where to sell

Michael LeBoeuf has rightly said – “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Understanding your customer behavior is the key to elevate your organization’s performance. It enables you to steer your business strategies and product enhancements in the right direction. To know whether your customers are satisfied or not, you need to know and compare your product’s visibility, sales performance, usage patterns and real customers feedback and activity in social media in different geographic locations. Continue Reading