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Footwear Industry is adversely affected by counterfeiting

Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Footwear Industry

Footwear Industry makes to the top five industries worst affected by counterfeiting. Footwears are one of the most counterfeited products in the world. Popular sports shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, etc. are the most widely counterfeited ones.

People these days have become very fashion conscious, and not everyone can afford the branded footwear. As a result, many times people consciously buy fake shoes to fulfill their desire of owning branded shoes without spending lofty money. Even though purchasing counterfeit items is illegal and the buyers of counterfeit products help the counterfeiters in violating the intellectual property rights of the brands, it is very challenging to stop such type of activities.

But the counterfeiting is particularly unacceptable when the buyers are deceived into buying fakes as the original items as it is very tough to differentiate between the authentic and fake products. Selling counterfeit goods has become easier because of the increasing popularity of online shopping. As the buyers can’t physically examine the product before buying, and the counterfeiters use genuine looking pictures of the products on websites to deceive the customers. Many counterfeiters also own sophisticated sites for selling the fakes.

Counterfeiters are every day finding new tricks to export and float the fakes in the high-demand market. In a counterfeit seizure done in the US, the officers found the shoes with a cover on the sole; the brand logo was visible after removing the cover. The sellers just had to remove that cover from the shoes before selling them as the originals.

Luxury footwear owners too face a lot of difficulty in getting the right resale price for their like new footwear. Luxury footwear brand items are usually quite expensive and the people who can afford them, generally use them only a few times. As the footwear looks like new, so the owners want to resale them. When they don’t get a good price, they prefer to store it instead of selling at a very low price.

Anti-Counterfeit Solution to prevent the fakes

Many brands are deploying the Anti-Counterfeit solutions to identify and take down the listings of their fake counterparts, but such types of solutions have very limited success. As the counterfeiters are able to find the workarounds to list the counterfeits and still remain undetected. Few Luxury footwear brands have started putting in RFID chips to make their products uniquely identifiable. But it may not economically viable for low to medium priced products.

Brands can save their customers from being duped by the counterfeiters by deploying a cost-effective and flexible Anti-Counterfeit solution.

NeuroTags provides a flexible and cost-effective Anti-Counterfeit solution. The solution also supports RFID and NFC tags as per the client needs. A detailed description of NeuroTags offerings specific to the footwear industry can found at Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Fashion Shoes page.

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