Envisioning a world free of fakes and counterfeits

We desire that the current generation and the generations to come, do not have to worry about the fakes and counterfeits.

As consumers ourselves, we want us to be able to connect to the makers of our products and tell them what we want, by being critics and appreciators; to be able to tell them what they should improve in the next version so that we will be there, even in a long queue, to buy it "the first".

We believe in "connecting with the heart and mind of consumers", and our technology and offerings are all centered on it.

We work with the brands who believe in the same, and empower them with our technology and learnings.

We are a group of passionate engineers, security experts, marketing, and sales team who have achieved the technological success in companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, and Paypal in the past.

We understand how technology can be used to digitally enable the physical products at scale and achieve the desired capabilities in the most effective and convenient ways for consumers and the brands.

We offer World’s BEST and continuously evolving digitalization solutions:

  1. Data collection engine to capture the events in product journey and consumer product interaction,
  2. Anti-Counterfeiting Engine to build consumer confidence,
  3. Loyalty and Feedback Engine to develop and nurture long term consumer relationship,
  4. Marketing Automation Suite for personalized consumer re-engagement,
  5. Data Analytics with the consolidation of the offline and online behavior and sentiments of consumers

Contact us for more details, we would love to share our passion.