Smart people. Brilliant ideas.

We are a group of passionate engineers, security experts, marketing and sales people who want "World to be free of Fakes and Counterfeits".

Our founders have previously worked in companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo and Paypal. We understand how technology can be used to fight the counterfeits and how to best use AI for anomaly detection and there by catching the fakes as they surface.

Secondly, we find that most of the manufacturers loose their very valuable commodity - data of buyers and their behavior, simply by not trying to collect it! Which we think must change for businesses to have a truly effective BI.

We develop and provide technologies which are difficult and expensive to implement. These technologies are usually used and developed by top Technology Companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon.

The manufacturing, fashion and other product companies usually can not avail or build such technologies due to cost and lack of expertise. However now they do not have to, we provide them at very economical cost.

Contact our sales team if you have any questions or if you want to see the demo. Thank you!

For details about Neurotags technology and how it protects brands, please read our technical details page.