Competitive Analysis

A quick walk through of NeuroTags advantages over competitors
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NeuroTags leverages native capabilities of billions of smartphones to digitally connect brands and consumers in offline world

NeuroTags empowers consumer brands with on-demand digital capabilities:

No App Dependency

For competitors, consumers usually have to download the app for authentication, so adoption is very low.

For NeuroTags, consumers do not have to download any app, works with just a camera scan or any QR code scanner. This leads to very a high adoption among consumers.

Integrated Software Suites

Other vendors usually provide one or two solutions, so you have to use disconnected solutions from multiple companies.

Ours is an integrated platform, everything works seamlessly out-of-the-box.

After one-time production line integration, all offerings are activated from backend cloud and on demand.

Patent-pending 100% Effective Technology

Other solutions usually lack proper user experience and are not 100% effective against counterfeiting.

Our patent-pending anti-counterfeiting technology is backed by AI cloud monitoring which detects clones and invalidates them. Guaranteed results in just 5 weeks!

Useful Dashboards For Leadership

Competitors usually lack even basic dashboard. Leadership is dependent on IT team for everything.

We provide management dashboards for holistic view of your data in real-time, so no dependency on IT department for data reports.

Product Quality and Customization

Usually, other vendors are not software savvy companies, they have arranged and assembled some solutions on top of some legacy Database systems via third-party providers.

So their system is usually of very low quality and inflexible for customization and may have a lot of limitations to implement required needs.

NeuroTags is designed and developed in line with practices in top tech companies such as Google and Amazon, as our technical founders have designed systems for these companies before.

Unlike competitors, our product is of very high quality and is quickly customizable on top of our core modules for any need, including APIs to connect with legacy systems.

Competitive Summary

  Competitors NeuroTags
Works without need to Download App Usually No
Pre-purchase Authentication Usually Yes
Post-purchase Verification Among Few
Clone detection and red flagging (continuous AI Cloud monitoring)
- without this counterfeiting doesn’t stop
User onboarding (signup) and management system No
Integrated Loyalty Engine, eWarranty and Gaming Engine No
Integrated Digital Marketing Automation Usually No
Overall Consumer Engagement
(projected level of use)
(Need app or have other frictions)
Very High
(over 5X industry average)
Integrated supply chain visibility (track and trace) Usually No
Integrated Analytics Dashboards for Leadership No
On Cloud, Scalability Among Few, Usually Limited
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An Enterprise Solution to Bring Business Certainty

NeuroTags is a preferred choice over competitors and against in-house similar projects
  • High Quality and Economical

    • Best in market in quality and fully managed
    • Low capital and operational expenses
    • Highly customizable

  • Business Certainty

    • Time bound go-to-market
    • Certain cost
    • Future proof - an integrated platform, new capabilities are auto compatible

  • Continuously Evolving

    • Collective learning across industries
    • Corresponding continuous improvements at no extra cost

  • Zero Maintenance

    • On cloud and 100% managed
    • 24x7 support

  • Data security managed by experts

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Our global success partners

Anthony Gagliardi CEO/Founder - The Kind Pen

“NeuroTags is helping me reduce fraud and connect with more customers - in one integrated solution”

Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani Executive Director, SYSKA LED Lights

“NeuroTags has helped us a big way in implementing anti-counterfeit and paperless warranty solution for our brand. They have a great technology, and the implementation & integration setup was really quick”

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