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Customer Data Platform
What is it?

Effective consumer data management provides marketers with easy-to-use tools and functions to onboard users, to understand their behavior, to auto engage them with pre-defined rule-sets and to personalize the communication.
At NeuroTags, our Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects customer data and puts it together in the form of unified customer profiles and segments customers to auto run the set of predefined engagement campaigns to increase the Customer Satisfaction Index and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Why Should Physical Goods Brands Use Customer Data Platform Software?

In today's competitive scenario, your consumers have higher expectations from your brand. They crave for personalized experiences and want you to know more about them to fulfil their needs better. Rather than opting for multiple platforms supplied by different vendors, or trying to develop one on your own, you may want to invest in the reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-maintain CDP solutions provided by NeuroTags.

  • Our CDP processes anticipate customer requirements based on collective learning of the industry. They make it easy for your in-house marketing teams to access data in real time and on their own, without seeking help from the IT departments.
  • Your brand can gain substantial competitive advantage by increasing its ability to accumulate, combine and utilize customer data accurately and in real time.

Why NeuroTags for
Consumer Data Management?

Customer data platform software services are specifically useful for physical brands belonging to the retail sales channels. At NeuroTags, we provide the best customer data platform architecture with APIs to introduce users to new and effective marketing channels. Our CDP designers and technology experts provide multiple ways of onboarding buyers at scale.

  • NeuroTags' CDP is integrated with an innovative customer onboarding solutions

  • You can enjoy sound integration with our effective loyalty management program

  • We provide benchmarked features and tools for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

  • Effective contest and promo management strategies can be integrated with our CDP solutions

  • We facilitate marketing automation with APIs support for CDP solutions and accurate collection of vital data points for data analysis.

Business Advantages

  • This packaged software is a boon for marketers as it collates and binds customer data in a consistent database.

  • Information from varied sources is spun together to create a unified, singular view of individual customers.

  • Information related to the purchase history, records of interactions, preferences, etc. are collected and aggregated in a CDP.

  • Our CDP can accumulate, manage, share and assess data to design customize and marketing campaigns.

Customer Data Platform Architecture & Technology

At NeuroTags, a dedicated team of CDP experts use the native capabilities of smartphones to bridge the gap between brands and consumers in the offline world. The digital advantages of our customer data platform (CDP) are as follows:

Unlike our competitors’ apps, wherein users download the platform for authentication and adoption is very low, there is no need for downloading our app. A QR code scanner or simple camera scan is enough; this leads to high adoption among users.
We have a singular, integrated platform whereas other customer data platform vendors provide multiple platforms with disconnected solutions attributed to multiple companies. Along with a centralized, one-time integration of production lines, we activate all processes on demand with the help of cloud adoption.
We offer patent-pending, robust anti-counterfeiting technology supported by AI cloud monitoring solutions. You stand to gain proper user experiences and effective guards against counterfeiting with NeuroTag’s Consumer Data Platform services.
You will enjoy using our management dashboards for getting a holistic view of real-time data. This leaves the management free to concentrate on the core areas of business activities.

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Reach out to our experts at NeuroTags to design and develop the best CDP solutions as per industry standards. Be assured of sound returns and high-quality products, which can be tailor-made to connect your legacy systems, with our core modules and APIs.

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Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani Executive Director, SYSKA LED Lights

“NeuroTags has helped us a big way in implementing anti-counterfeit and paperless warranty solution for our brand. They have a great technology, and the implementation & integration setup was really quick”

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