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Why do Companies Need
Digital Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Solutions?

The counterfeiting market is growing rapidly. The consequences of these illegal practises are quite severe in terms of revenue-loss, health issues, and irreversible damages to brands.

In this scenario, digital anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions have become the ‘go-to solution’ for thwarting economic damages, health risks, online frauds, and a spate of other crimes. Globally, different types of anti-counterfeit packaging, both covert and overt, are preventing the counterfeiting of vulnerable products. Directly and indirectly, they’re saving the lives and economic wellbeing of consumers.

The Current Market and Trends

As per a recently published report, the anti-counterfeiting packaging market is expected to reach a whopping $128.6 billion plus in 2020. Along with the pharmaceutical and food sectors, these anti-counterfeit packaging solutions and brand protection techniques are being adopted by many other sectors.

The anti-counterfeit packaging market, globally, has witnessed wide scale escalation because of a spurt in manufacturing activities. A spurt in demand in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food & beverage sectors has led to an influx of counterfeit products; these products are the major drivers and influencers of the thriving anti-counterfeit packaging industry.

Types of Anti-Counterfeit Packaging

Anti-counterfeit packaging solutions such as holograms, 2-D barcodes, forensic techniques, radio frequency identification (RIF), visible or overt features, hidden or covert markers, and serialisation as well as track and trace solutions are protecting consumers from counterfeit products.

Blending the Physical and Digital

The anti-counterfeiting industry has many futuristic products to fight against fakes. The most popular of the lot being: Holograms – Ranking high on the list of conventional anti-counterfeiting solutions, holographic technology is independent of databases or anything else. Users find this solution for visual protection easy to use and identify. However, cheap holograms that can be easily imitated are flooding the marketplace. Therefore, this physical anti-counterfeit packaging technique is ineffective in current times; most often, it ends up perpetuate the counterfeiting.

Luminescent topcoats – This analogue solution is also known for its ease of use. Not visible in broad daylight to the naked eye, it reveals patterns and colours when seen under UC light. This customizable and covert solution is difficult to imitate by counterfeiters. It helps secure electronics, luxury and pharmaceutical products across the entire value chain.

On the other side of the anti-counterfeit packaging spectrum lie digital Unique QR Code, smart labels, track and trace, NFC, RFID, block chain, serialization technology and other solutions. It is essential to use the best combination of digital and physical solutions, like seals and labels, to learn how to combat anti-counterfeiting. With the threat of fake products evolving, these digital anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions have several advantages to their name.

The Digitalization of Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Blending the Physical and Digital

An important point going in the favour of digital anti-counterfeiting packages is that smart phones can be tapped for enabling consumer-usable solutions. For example, Quick-response (QR) codes boast of the simplicity of scanning, without the need of downloading any app. As most users are equipped with smart phones, they are familiar with the scanning process and can authenticate individual products convincingly.

Besides, digital technology is making a strong mark in the world of Marketing and Data collection. NeuroTags secure anti-counterfeit QR Codes come with turnkey integrated loyalty and data collection solution, which help marketing department create a 2 way digital communication with your best consumers and automatically engage them for repeat sales. Dashboard tools provide ways to automate sending emails, SMS and Push Notifications and help manage user feedback, support and loyalty related tasks.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Covert and Overt Digital Anti-Counterfeit Packaging



  • User verifiable, so increases consumer trust
  • Digital technology can be integrated with QR Codes
  • Can add customized decorative appeal

  • Simple and cost-effective to implement
  • Easy additions and modifications are possible
  • No regulatory approvals required



  • Most effective with digitalization and needs digital training
  • Most solutions require the backend infrastructure, however end-to-end solutions are available
  • Usually need to onboard the Marketing department

  • Strict confidentiality needed, a simple leak may make these completely ineffective
  • If in wide usage, covert anti-counterfeiting programs can be replicated easily
  • Advanced and more secure features may add to the cost and complexity of the solution

Why Are Businesses Using
Digital Intelligent Packaging and Loyalty Solutions?

Digital packaging encourages psychological, creative and physical consumer experiences. Businesses can draw users into more dynamic relationships with their products and brands with these solutions. Along with creating a strong sense of excitement and wonder to enhance the journey of buyers, digital packaging increases conversion rates manifold.

For instance, one of the primary strides in digital packaging relates to the increasing popularity of "near field communication" or the NFC technology. Short-range magnetic induction is used to enable instant data transfers between digital devices when held together or touched. A fine example of NFC technology is evident in "Apple Pay" wherein buyers can pay for purchased products with simple swipes of their phone.

The main reasons behind companies using intelligent and active packaging:

They provide accurate, real-time data and are fool proof.
Connected packaging for serialization of track and trace programs for supply chain visibility.
Interesting gaming engagements and loyalty programs help in organic and digital growth of their consumer base.
Automated marketing campaigns can be thought of and organized for enhanced user engagements, repeat purchases, and more conversions
Paves the ground for end-to-end digital marketing solutions.
Facilitation of direct and seamless communication channels with customers.
Enhanced feedbacks for faster and directed improvements, etc.

Why NeuroTags?
A comprehensive turnkey solution to protect brand, save cost and excite marketing to innovate!

Protect Consumers
and Your Brand

World's best AI cloud backed anti-counterfeit technology with guaranteed results in 5 weeks

Integrated Consumer Loyalty
and Marketing Automation

Integrated turnkey loyalty program and marketing automation to grow consumers and repeat sales.

The unique, AI monitored, patent pending, cost-effective anti-counterfeit technology offered by NeuroTags renders clones invalid. Companies looking towards eliminating counterfeits of their products from the market are deploying the smart app-less, seamless, and easy-to-use loyalty programs designed by NeuroTags.

If you desire to use the native capabilities of smart phones to scan and escalate your consumer adoption and engagement rates, then NeuroTags anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies are the right way to go. Get in touch with NeuroTags team today to know more!

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