Connect With Your Customers,
No Matter Where They Are!

Transform your business into an empire of growing returns
with NeuroTags QR Code technology!

No empty promises

  • Hyper grow your customers base with Loyalty Gamification
  • Accelerate repeat sales with in 3 months of launch!

Current retail data flow...

...NeuroTags breaks the data barrier

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Engage Consumers at the PoS

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  • Customer Assurance

    Influences shoppers at their point of decision with your narrative

  • Right message, right moment!

    Lets your best marketing ads be seen when it matters the most

  • Use videos and instagram to engage users

    You make your real estate on product packaging virtually infinite

Acquire and Grow Your Consumer Base

Acquire and Monetize Consumers Thru Incremental Sales

  • Gamification Rewards
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards
  • Consumer Contact Acquisition
  • Powerful, Actionable Instantaneous Data
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