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Many customers are falling prey into buying fake shoes of established brands due to lack of any effective anti-counterfeit technology. The current holograms and RFID solutions adopted by the brands are too primitive to prevent counterfeit, and in fact, they are very simple to copy and in turn help strengthen the counterfeits.

Counterfeiting is bad for Brands

  • Net losses worth $461 billions plummet the fashion industry with the rise of counterfeits
  • Online rogues and crime syndicates gain ease of access through e-commerce platforms and slip counterfeits into retail stores. With the dominance of e-commerce in coming years, counterfeiting will eat up even more revenue of Brands.

The Effects Of Counterfeited Shoes on Brands And Consumers

  • Counterfeit shoes promote wear and tear and don't last as long as originals; they damage the core value Brands stand for.
  • Low returns on investments due to sales losses lead to the dwindling of brands and further lack of consumer loyalty and support.
  • Consumers end up paying a lump sum for cheap pairs which they don't know are counterfeit.

A Typical Supply-Chain Channel

To understand where goods originate and where counterfeiting typically occurs, this is what a typical supply-chain channel looks like:

Neurotags technology to prevent counterfeit of branded shoes

NeuroTags enable customers to detect whether their pair of fashion shoes is original or not by simply scanning the QR code that's been embedded in the product, Neurotags also notifies manufacturers in case of counterfeiting events.

How it works

At NeuroTags, the following steps are followed in order to combat counterfeiting

  • Branded shoes are embedded with NeuroTags Codes from manufacturers.
  • NeuroTags shoes reach sales terminals.
  • NeuroTags code has two parts one which is open and can be scanned before purchase, and another which is protected and can only be scanned after purchase. The mechanism thereby provides two levels of security against counterfeits.
  • By scanning the QR Code customer verifies the authenticity of the product.
  • Alerts are triggered real-time in cases of counterfeiting.
  • Real-time Machine Learning Algorithms keep collecting data and update measures to better identify anomalies.

NeuroTags Protection for Branded Shoes

With the additional layer of encryption, the supply chain-cycle will now look like this:

With NeuroTags, we promise

  • Customer Retention and loyalty through premiere warranty and anti-counterfeit measures.
  • No more fears about counterfeiting of your products with proven real-time anti-counterfeit technologies.
  • Real-time consumer behavior and analyzed data for business intelligence.

To learn more about our NeuroTags specific solutions for the shoes industry, please get in touch with us now.

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