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Counterfeit clothing degrades the brand’s value

Anti-Counterfeit solution for clothing brands

In 2017, the global market lost approximately $450 billion due to counterfeits in clothing, accessories, and footwear. The figures are snowballing every year.

Counterfeiting in well-performing brand’s clothing and accessories is very common. Earlier counterfeiters used to target only the high-end expensive brands, but now the fakes of most of the popular brands are available in the market. Online shopping has made selling the counterfeits much easier. 

Counterfeit Clothing is evil

Many people deliberately buy fake products, and it is hard to prevent this type of counterfeiting. The problem comes when people buy counterfeit products thinking that they are purchasing genuine ones. Such cases cause the affected brands loss of revenue as well as customer trust.

Fake clothing and accessories may look like the original ones, but they are undoubtedly made of substandard materials. For example, a phony t-shirt of a famous brand may bleed color, whereas the original one remains the same even after multiple washes. Many times metal buttons, straps or other metal pieces used in fake clothing and accessories are found to contain dangerous radioactive isotope such as Cobalt-60. The metal buttons etc. may be of low quality and may change color after a few days of usage, completely spoiling the look of the clothing. The fabric of the counterfeit clothing shrinking or expanding after first wash is a very common problem. 

The brands innovatively design the clothing meant for certain types of activities such as running, swimming etc. and they choose the clothing fabric very thoughtfully so that the clothing looks attractive and the user feels comfortable in wearing it while doing the activity, whereas counterfeit clothing manufacturers fail to take care of all these things. It is very sad to see the counterfeiters reap the benefits of the brand’s innovative efforts.

Counterfeit clothing may cause the buyer to go through very unpleasant experiences as well. For example, a person buys a winter jacket just before going to camping in cold weather, the legitimate brand’s jacket can keep a person warm in freezing weather, but purchased one turns out to be counterfeit and fails to save the person from cold weather.

Counterfeiters have no brand reputation to protect; their only interest is to make quick money in the least possible investment of money and time. They may not flush out the chemicals properly, used in tanning/coloring the leather or cloth, just to save some money. These chemicals cause skin irritation, rashes, and allergy in many people. Manufacturing the counterfeits is an illegal business, it will not be surprising if the counterfeiters don’t follow the government norms for minimum wage for employment and other safety rules. The workers usually work in unsanitary conditions and are underpaid. They also don’t pay the taxes.

The buyers of the expensive designer wears are usually very affluent and wear the clothing only 2-3 times. After that, they want to resale it instead of keeping it in their wardrobe. But the counterfeiters have made it very difficult to get the right resale price as the prospective buyers suspect the authenticity of the clothing.

Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Clothing brands

The brands can prevent the counterfeits of their products and retain customer trust by deploying a robust Anti-Counterfeit solution, such as NeuroTags. NeuroTags Anti-Counterfeit solution is very flexible, customizable, and backed by patent-pending algorithms & AI. To prevent the counterfeits of a brand, NeuroTags offers algorithmically coupled tags to be affixed to the products. These tags make each product uniquely identifiable, and the tags can be scanned using any smartphone.

Please refer to this article to understand the Anti-Counterfeit solution in greater detail. A detailed description of NeuroTags offerings specific to the Clothing brands can found at Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Fashion Clothes page.

Please contact us to know more about NeuroTags offerings. You can also read about NeuroTags offerings to prevent the counterfeits in clothing by clicking here.


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