Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Fashion Clothes

Many customers are falling prey into buying fake products of established brands thinking that they are buying the genuine ones. The copycats have become so expert in copying that it is very difficult to identify the genuine products even for the very experienced eyes.

Counterfeit's effect on the Industry

  • Global revenue losses worth $461 billion are faced by the fashion industry every year due to the prevalence of counterfeiting
  • Net neutrality and ease of sales through e-commerce platforms, retail outlets, and sales checkpoints leave consumers unaware of counterfeiting instances, causing massive losses to both brands and consumers.

Pitfalls Caused By Counterfeit Clothing To Brands And Consumers

  • Use of harmful substances such as traces of paint and chemical coloring agents in counterfeit clothing leave consumers prone to the ill-effects of various health hazards. These harmful substances get absorbed by the skin over a period.
  • Counterfeiting destroys the bond between brands and consumers by damaging the trust. Which leads to loss in customer loyalty.
  • Lower Returns on Investments and slump in Fashion clothing economy which adversely impacts the creation and production line-up of new age fashion goods.

A Typical Supply-Chain Channel

Counterfeiters usually target the supply-chain channels, and this is how it typically happens:

NeuroTags's Effective Anti-Counterfeit Solution

Every fashion clothing product is embedded with a QR code that's crafted from patent-pending AI and Machine Learning technology. Consumers scratch and scan this QR code during purchases to check the authenticity of the product. If machine detects any unusual pattern or bad code it alerts consumer and the manufacturer.

How Does NeuroTags Technology Work?

  • Branded clothes are embedded with NeuroTags at manufacturer’s end.
  • Fashion clothing with QR codes and AI technology reach sales terminals
  • NeuroTags QR code has two parts one which is open and can be scanned before purchase, and another which is protected and can only be scanned after purchase. The mechanism there by provides two levels of security against counterfeits.
  • Real-time data collection and analytics run on the backend, instantly alerting manufacturers of counterfeit cases.
  • Data collected from user behavior and demographics is sent to executives for further analysis and business intelligence.

NeuroTags' Protection

With the additional layer of encryption, the supply chain-cycle will now look like this:

At NeuroTags, we promise

  • Effectively stopping the counterfeits of brands in clothing.
  • 24x7 watch on the scans and purchase patterns to asses and prevent counterfeiting events.
  • Geo-location based data collection of user's behavior to understand and compare the products performance.
  • Higher returns on investments and building long-lasting relationships between customers and brands by eliminating counterfeiting problems.

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