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NeuroTags – One Tag, Many Benefits

Experienced enterprise-class developers founded NeuroTags with the objective of creating the world’s best anti-counterfeiting solution. This solution was built by combining package unique QR codes with a 24×7 cloud-based AI monitoring backbone. The specific focus of NeuroTags was to solve the counterfeiting problem for brands selling through brick and mortar merchants.

One Tag, Many Benefits

During initial development, it became evident that this same combination could solve additional and important brand needs.

NeuroTags - One tags, Many Benefits


These additional functions grew to include:

  • Pre-purchase product information and offers
  • Post-purchase consumer engagement via branded, pre-programmed, loyalty, gamification and warranty registration capabilities
  • Automated digital marketing including Facebook and Google ad integration
  • Supply chain tracking
  • Comprehensive, real-time analytics
  • A client portal to manage content and marketing programs

NeuroTags prevents counterfeiting and delivers pre-purchase marketing

NeuroTags is unique and scalable because consumers can simply scan these codes anywhere, anytime without the need for an app. Consumers are given immediate, pre-purchase feedback if a product is authentic or not. As a result, brands and consumers are protected by a network of over 2 billion smartphones against counterfeiting. In addition, brands can communicate directly to consumers who are at point-of-sale.

NeuroTags creates long-term brand loyaltyNeuroTags for long-term brand loyalty

Each package comes with an algorithmically paired tag, the second of which can be covered by a scratch-off layer or on the inside of a package. The second tag is only to be used by the consumer after purchase.

Consumers are motivated to engage because they are offered some form of value. It can be a loyalty points program, value-based gamification or warranty registration with free extension. These utilities are pre-built into the NeuroTags platform, so they require no added development work, just some simple steps to personalize branding.

Because each of these value offers requires a consumer email address for the fulfillment, it enables follow-up marketing programs to be run on a highly targeted basis.

NeuroTags automated marketing capability

This function enables brands to programmatically manage consumer life-cycles on a data-driven basis through an easy to use control panel. Application examples include:

  • Individualized reminders to re-order
  • Acceleration offers to customers who haven’t reordered Information about new products/upgrades
  • Targeted campaigns through Facebook and Google

All of this and more can be highly segmented and data-driven.

NeuroTags delivers value for Supply Chain Management

NeuroTags can be applied at the package, carton, pallet and/or shipment level. It requires nothing more than a standard smartphone to scan and relay time-stamped, location coordinates to the NeuroTags cloud and information management system.

Brands are primarily using this to lower losses by:

  • Eliminating diversion
  • Reducing expired/mis-located inventory
  • Early identification of counterfeit stock

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