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Digital Innovation: Let your products protect your customers

Let your products protect your customers with the help of NeuroTags

Counterfeiting is a huge problem and is endangering – the buyers as well as the brands. This problem is fast spreading like an epidemic in all the sectors of physical goods. Brands need to start using digital technology to protect customers from counterfeit goods.

It is terrible for a brand if a customer believes that he owns a genuine product but he actually has a fake one. If the counterfeit merchandise is of substandard quality (which mostly is the case ) or it stops working in a few days or does not follow the safety guidelines, the product owner blames the original brand. Many traditional ways such as holograms, stickers of preventing the counterfeits are failing terribly. Counterfeiters have become experts in copying the holograms and stickers. Also, the brand does not get information about the actual counterfeits with these methods.

Current trends show that more and more people are becoming digitally savvy, so the brands need to embrace digital technology and use it to save their customers from the counterfeits. Many brands have already started using digital Anti-Counterfeit solutions to prevent the fakes of their products. Another advantage of using digital solution is that the brands get the real-time data of the counterfeit instances. All business related data play a vital role in making the right strategic decisions for businesses, and real-time data collection helps in making the right decisions at the right time. So a digital solution not only helps in preventing the counterfeits effectively but also assists in collecting valuable business data.

Innovation teams must move from old Anti-Counterfeit solutions to the digital ones to protect the brand’s customers from fake products. They should consider important factors such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, robustness, and fail-safeness while choosing a digital solution.

NeuroTags Anti-Counterfeit Solution to protect the brand and the customers

NeuroTags offers a foolproof Anti-Counterfeit solution which is capable of preventing the counterfeits of any type of physical goods. The solution does not require any massive investment in the infrastructure and can be easily integrated with the company’s current production lines within 3 weeks. The brands facing the counterfeiting problem can opt for this solution and be sure that none of their customers could be fooled into buying the fake products unknowingly.

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