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Case Study: How Bio German Nutrition is protecting its customers from Fakes in India

Bio German Nutrition products are protected by NeuroTags in India

Twinzwill became the exclusive importer of Bio German Nutrition products with a mission to bring Organic, cruelty-free, and artificial additives free Nutritional supplements in the Indian market. The idea came when the founders failed to find a supplement which was Organic and natural, and that’s when they realized the pain of Indian fitness enthusiasts who were facing a lot of difficulties with the quality and authenticity of nutritional supplements. They decided to do something about it and decided to import Bio German Nutrition Gmbh products as India’s first certified organic whey protein from Germany.

The Problem

Whenever the right product enters the market and starts doing good, counterfeiters begin to see profit in selling the counterfeits. Counterfeiting damages a brand’s reputation and affects sales. As per the joint study conducted by ASSOCHAM-RNCOS in 2015, about 60-70% of dietary supplements being sold across India are counterfeit, unregistered, or unapproved. Counterfeiting would also hinder their underlying philosophy of bringing safe nutritional supplements to the Indian market. This is why Bio German Nutrition Gmbh wanted to protect their customers from counterfeiting since the beginning.

The Solution

After evaluating the Anti-counterfeit solutions available in the market, Twinzwill decided to deploy NeuroTags Anti-Counterfeiting and Loyalty Solution to protect Bio German Nutrition products. The deployment of the solution was straightforward; they just had to affix NeuroTags AI-backed anti-counterfeit tags to their products. These tags help the buyers to ascertain the product authenticity with the help of their smartphones. The solution does not require the users to install an app as it works with native camera or any QR code scanning app. This feature helps in increasing user participation to a great extent.

A pair of tightly coupled tags, one pair for each product
A pair of tightly coupled tags, one pair for each product

Now, after the products were protected by NeuroTags Anti-Counterfeiting tags, the next important step was to educate the buyers about the process to check the authenticity. To do this, they dedicated an authenticity validation page on their website to clearly state the steps to check the product genuineness.

Bio German Nutrition product buyers also get loyalty points on scanning the post-purchase tag, which is hidden by a scratch-off layer. Loyalty points also act as a motivation for buyers to scan the post-purchase tag, which helps in increasing customer retention.

Following are the steps for the authentication process and availing the loyalty points.

Biro German Nutrition products authentication process powered by NeuroTags

The Result

The buyers can buy Twinzwill’s Bio German Nutrition products without a second thought as they are protected by NeuroTags Anti-Counterfeit solution. Now, Buyers can also avail loyalty rewards, and Twinzwill gets to connects with the Bio German Nutrition product buyers irrespective of the sales channel.

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