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How improvements in our eWarranty engine shot up Consumer Engagement by 3x

NeuroTags eWarranty Engine

Providing a quality product or service is the first step towards the success of a business. Once a business is able to deliver the right product, then comes a challenge to still innovate and improve to keep and expand the market share. Just the right product may not be sufficient for a business to succeed; many other ingredients are required for a business to flourish.

Increasing consumer engagement may make all the difference in the success rate of a business in today’s fiercely competitive market. But most of the brands these days struggle to find the right platform that can help brands to engage the consumers. We, at NeuroTags, understand this challenge of the brands and provide an easy to use platform for consumer engagement. To help brands boost consumer engagement, NeuroTags provides eWarranty Engine.

NeuroTags eWarranty Engine

To increase consumer engagement, NeuroTags provides eWarranty Engine especially to electrical-electronics and accessories brands, which enables warranty on their products. With our eWarranty engine, buyers can simply scan the tag-code from their smartphone and register the warranty digitally.

Digital warranty is a boon for brands as well as the buyers. Brands collect real-time data of their customers, and customers don’t need to safely keep physical warranty cards, which, in most of the cases, are difficult to find in the time of need. The digital warranty also to reduces fraudulent claims by retailers, thereby saving money to the brands.

Continuously striving to be better with each passing day

After deploying our Warranty Engine, our clients started to get warranty participation up to 13% with all the desired data of the customers. Before NeuroTags it was between 1 to 3%(which is the industry standard) and usually the data used to be incomplete, unstructured, and there was a lot of delay in this data reaching the brands.

“The biggest room in the world is room for improvement.” – Helmut Schmidt

We wanted to improve further, and our focus became user experience. Following changes shot up the consumer engagement to 35%.

Shrinking the registration form size

Many times users don’t mind giving away the benefits, a brand is offering, just because they don’t want to fill registration forms. It is fascinating to know that the same users start to fill the same number of fields if the form is broken into steps and a lesser number of fields are shown at a time. We too shrank the warranty registration form size (removed white spacing) without reducing the number of input fields, and to our surprise warranty participation increased noticeably. The participation rose up to 16% from 13%.

Breaking the registration process in two steps

The rise in participation just by shrinking the form’s white spacing made us look for ways to improve it further. We realized that many users still get into the time calculation by seeing the number of input fields, even if it actually takes 1 minute to fill the form. To target those users, we thought of breaking the registration process in 2 steps. This change reduced the user’s friction more, and warranty participation rose to 20-22%.

Bringing more clarity in UI with the help of right icons

On our registration form, we needed the user to upload the picture of the product invoice/receipt. Many of the users were skipping to read the field caption, and by looking at the icon, they were getting confused. And they were uploading their head-shot instead of the invoice/receipt picture. We addressed this issue and removed this probable confusion by changing the icon. After changing the icon, almost 100% of the users started to upload the picture of the product invoice.

Showing the registration form on code scan

On the product code scan, we were first showing the product details page, and at the mid of the page, the warranty registration button was being shown. Many users were scanning the product code but were not registering for warranty. By looking at this pattern closely, we realized that many of the users may not be scrolling down or just may not be clicking the button. So we decided to reduce the user friction by taking the user directly to the registration form. This change had a massive impact on warranty participation percentage, and it grew to 30-35% just in a week.

Stay tuned, in our upcoming blogs; we will share how adding loyalty rewards is helping some of our clients to reach up to 75% consumer participation after purchase.

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