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Consumer Engagement Strategies to Increase Repeat Sales

Consumer Engagement Strategies to Increase Repeat Sales

Finding new customers is expensive while getting your current customer purchase from you again is cheaper. Do you agree? Is it true for your business? 

If you say yes, now is an excellent time to build an exclusive customer retention strategy in place to sell more to your current customers. To make your work easy, we are going to share a few effective consumer engagement strategies that will help you increase your repeat sales. Let’s get started.

What Defines Customer Engagement?

When you boost your customer engagement, you inevitably increase the chance of customers becoming your brand advocate.

Consumer engagement is the business’ activities a brand uses to increase the frequency of customers interact with your brand. The interaction could be sharing your written brand ad, product manual, YouTube video, or Facebook post, successfully communicating with your sales team or customer support, downloading your brand app, purchasing your brand products, or even referring you to someone else. 

Consumer Engagement
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Your customer is your brand’s most influential marketing tool and advocate. What they say about you will be trusted more than any other marketing tactics, such as blogs, influencer review, SEO, ads, etc. Their review can often become deciding factors when buying a product or service.

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

Consumer engagement is essential because highly engaged customers boost sales and revenue. High customer engagement rate converts one time customers into repeat customers.

Consumer Engagement Strategies to Nail Repeat Sales

Leverage Technology

As per the recent Connected Customer report released by SalesForce, 92% of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences for customer engagement. Brands should use technology to provide a smooth and seamless customer experience in all the channels to increase consumer engagement.

Use technology to provide better customer experience


Get Real Everywhere

Whether it is using quirky language as brand voice or tweeting your consumers personally, you have to get real on social media and everywhere else. Brands should use social media to engage with customers and make it fun. Doing this adds a human factor to the brand and is easier for B2C brands in comparison with the B2B businesses. Avoid discussing politics and sensitive topics unless it is relevant.


Be very careful about Brand’s political stand

A brand’s political stand can affect the customers’ emotions very much. The companies need to be watchful and think of all the pros & cons before going public with a political stance. According to a survey conducted by Customer Thermometer on 1000 participants, 65% of the people said that a brand’s political stand disappointed them, and about 60% said that they may boycott a brand if it’s political stance offends them.

Emotional connection with brands

Enhance Your Customer Support

Introduce several ways for customers to reach out to you. Very often, an effectively resolved mail or phone complaint can turn a disappointed customer into a happy and loyal customer. Live chat or help desk tools and feedback forms will prove advantageous in providing the right level and right degree of support to retain more customers. Following image from Shopify clearly states the impact of excellent customer service on repeat sales.

Enhance your customer support

Make Personalized Communication

Monetate, a leading personalization platform, found out that 83% of the retailers who invested separately on personalization were able to beat their revenue goals. And 93% of businesses with an advanced personalization strategy experienced revenue growth in 2018. Personalized messages or conversations make consumers more likely to engage with you. Purchase recommendations, sample products, tailored marketing messages, and personalized offers for birthdays, anniversaries, or new milestones are few effective personalization tactics.


Reward Your Customers for their Actions

Everyone likes rewards. So, when your customers take a certain action, such as leave feedback, review your product or create user-generated content, which benefits your brand value invariably, you can reward them with special offers, sample products, discounts, and even coupons. Rewards not only boosts customer engagement but also interaction level between you and your customer. 

Share Real Stories with Your Customers

In this era of unprecedented competition, people do not only care about good product and competitive price, but they also want to make sure that it is coming from a good brand. They want to know that the brand cares about the customers and society; they feel good about purchasing products from the brand. Brands should share real pictures and stories of their community work with the world.

Similarly, when consumers read or view stories involving people just like them, instead of influencers and celebrities, they will be bound to draw in with your brand. Share your customers’ stories on social media, such as user-submitted photos and videos, testimonials, reviews, DMs, and more. Unpaid reviews of common people can drive more conversions and sales than influencers’ posts and feedbacks. For example, Known Supply customers can read about the product maker and post thank you message for them on the website.

Known supply shows the profiles of product makers

Show Real People Behind and BTS Clippings

Why do you think Game of Thrones creators release almost hour long behind the scenes (BTS) videos? To engage viewers, of course. So as part of your consumer engagement strategy, you must bring human beings or rather a human touch in your marketing – make your employees talk or share short BTS videos on social media. You can also tell exclusive anecdotes that will help your customers know your brand a little better. 

These are some practical ways you can implement to increase and repeat sales. Humanization and adding a brand personality is important. If you know any other strategies that worked for your brand, let us know in the comments below.

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