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How you can use Neurotags for effective marketing in the offline world

Because of the advent of smartphones, most of the people now have access to the internet at their fingertips. This has opened new exciting ways for marketing in the offline world. Brands can use this as an opportunity to make their presence in the market stronger. NeuroTags proves itself to be the perfect and ready-to-use platform for marketing in the offline world.

Offline Marketing And NeuroTags

NeuroTags offers AI-backed, QR based scannable tags for the manufacturers. Manufacturers need to apply these tags to their products. When buyers scan the tags, NeuroTags acts as a platform to show the advertisements, information about the campaigns and loyalty programs based on the geographic location of the buyer. Manufacturers have full control over what information they want to show to the buyers.

NeuroTags helps collect customer information in the offline market and following are the few ways, brands can use this information to better market their products.

Show ads in the regional languages

Since NeuroTags can fetch the geolocation of the product scan point, brands can show the ads, product information in the regional language. This will make the customers feel more connected with the brand.

Show ads in regional language
Make a personal connection with the customers by showing Ads in the regional languages

Keep customers informed

NeurtoTags makes it easy to collect the customers’ contact information. So the brands can use this information to keep the customers informed about new updates or the tips to maintain the product.

Keep your customers informed

Show product stories on the scan of the tag and run a contest based on the story

Robert McKee has rightly said that Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. A good product story leaves a long-lasting effect on the viewers. Brands can show product stories to the customers and create a buzz about their products by running contests based on the product story.

Show product stories on the scan of the tag and run a contest based on the story

Show videos to increase the customer trust

Buyers these days are very conscious about the quality of the products they are buying. So the brands can strengthen the trust of its customers if they can show them how the product is manufactured/assembled.

Show customer reviews and testimonials

A good word about your product helps a lot in increasing sales. Your potential customers will be more inclined to buy from you if they read positive and genuine things about your product. Using NeuroTags brands can invite the actual buyers to write the testimonials/reviews of their products.

Show customer reviews and testimonials

Show all the variants of the product

In the offline world, sales of your products depend heavily on the skills of the salesperson hired by the shop owner. The idea of showing all the variants of a product may not strike to all the salespeople.
Using NeuroTags, brands can show all the variants of the products on the scan of the tag. This may help your customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Show all the variants of the product

Show product features

Again, a salesperson may miss telling about all the unique/important features of the product. Using NeuroTags, brands can show all the features on the product scan.

Show product features

Show upcoming events/campaigns

Many brands run campaigns/events targeting a particular geo-location. So brands can show upcoming events/campaigns when the product is scanned in the target geolocation.

Show upcoming events/campaigns

Show related products

Using NeuroTags, brands can also show related products. For example, if a customer scans the tag on RO Water Purifier, the brand can also show the water softener if the water quality is not good in that geolocation.

NeuroTags is a perfect tool for offline marketing and assessing marketing performance by collecting customer behavior information.

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