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Top 6 Ways Your Customer Data Platform (CDP) Can Help Your Business Now

The rising need for a reliable Customer Data Platform (CDP) has made companies sit up and take notice. Today, large and small companies are adopting CDPs like never before. Enterprises are using them to a larger extent than MM and SMB organizations. They help track important events like behavioral data, order completed, checkout started, and products’ addition. Along with marketers, users connect CDP with

Budtender Loyalty Program
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Budtender Loyalty Program Explained 

One of the profitable ways your cannabis dispensary can create repeat customers and establish consistent recurring revenue is by introducing an influencer budtender loyalty program. Cannabis prohibition will soon lift from most countries, thanks to the increasing use of anti-counterfeiting technology and regulated cannabis market. As new legal brands and products are released every day, it is crucial for cannabis dispensary owners to bring

Consumer Marketing Services
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The Biggest Problem with Consumer Marketing Services, And How You Can Fix It

Mobile technology, Big Data, and social media – these are just some of the factors that have changed the environment for consumer marketing services. Marketing agencies are struggling to cope up with new platforms, omnichannel environments, and technical issues along with other issues. Here, we will touch upon the main problems that are plaguing marketers. Alongside, get to know how these challenges can be

Marketing Automation
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Marketing Automation Platforms in India: Expectations vs. Reality

Even in the pandemic’s grim scenario, it’s common to see companies incorporating process automation to streamline their operations. Marketing automation platforms in India are automating workflows and processes of large and small businesses alike. Well-designed CRM software is enhancing customer relationships. With marketing automation becoming a norm, collaboration and marketing tools are being merged and managed to provide better results.  For digital marketers, all

Neurotags wins takeda challenge!
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NeuroTags wins the Takeda Challenge!

NeuroTags is proud to announce that we were selected by Takeda Pharmaceuticals as the Most Innovative solution provider at this year’s Active and Intelligent Packaging (AIPIA) Smart Packaging Virtual Congress. NeuroTags emerged from among nearly 50 applicants to the “Takeda Challenge” to be selected for this prestigious honor. “Taking part in an AIPIA Brand Challenge is no easy task. With nearly 50 very competitive

Loyalty marketing
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Top Loyalty Marketing Strategies That Work

However nice-looking your online presence, calls to action, or promotional plans maybe, you have to keep adding fresh loyalty marketing strategies to draw more leads.  You can leave no stone unturned to increase the conversion rates for your brand and products. However, the mere addition of new customers to your database is not enough. You need sustainable and well-thought-of marketing strategies to retain your

Anti-counterfeiting technology by NeuroTags
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Anti-counterfeiting technology: Effective Packaging and Labelling Makes a Lot of Difference

The need for packaging – the art and science of protecting or enclosing products for safe storage, distribution, sale and use – has been entirely redefined by anti-counterfeiting technology. Nowadays, the processes of evaluation, production and designing of packages, be it primary, secondary or tertiary, have undergone drastic alterations to align with the choice and needs of average consumers.  The packaging and labeling requirements

Track and trace solution
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Supply Chain Digitization – Top 5 Use Cases of Track and Trace Solution

In the contemporary scenario, a large percentage of enterprises are focusing on a blockchain (53%) and the Internet of Things (51%) to bring about improvements in their supply chain management systems. Fair trade, sustainability and transparency – the three mantras guiding most consumer purchase decisions – are resulting in more integrated and simplified supply chain systems.  SCM Digitization – Use Cases There are several

Digital engagement platform
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Top 5 Techniques to Retain Consumers using Digital Engagement Platform

A large majority of companies’ state that their number one priority is finding ways to increase revenue. In order to achieve this, they need to increase their sales. Most companies equate increased sales to increasing the number of consumers to their credit. In their desire to increase their client consumer base, companies tend to overlook the need to retain their existing customers and that

Blockchain technology-NeuroTags
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NeuroTags – Go-to Solution for Fast Private Blockchain Technology

Blockchain – the buzzword in technology circles, has notched one success milestone after another in the past couple of years. A lot has been written or spoken about how blockchain works, its powerful impact on different industry verticals, and of course, the technology’s die-hard popularity.  The first thing that comes to mind when we think about blockchain is cryptocurrency. You would agree that are

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Top 3 Types of Information CEO’s Must Have

I distinctly remember the first time I interviewed the CEO of a large multinational company. An imposing figure in an even more imposing old fashioned office, he answered all my questions crisply and precisely. Finally to end the interview I asked him how he acquires and processes information. He looked at me for a few seconds, smiled and said, ‘That young man is information

Supply chain tracking solution by NeuroTags
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A Godsend For Supply Chain Analytics – AI Monitored Serialization Technology

Supply chain managers and marketers are forever on the lookout for optimizing the challenges of SCM coming their way. If you are in the same boat, then in all probability, you are scouring all possible resources to ensure a responsive, streamlined, agile, and secured supply chain. You may also want to fill up the gaps in your supply chain security to prevent diverted, adulterated

Product Performance in the market
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5 Signs that Show your Product Performs Well in the Market

Startups, product teams and manufacturers are always looking for tell-tale signs and standard performance metrics to determine the success of their products. With millions of products thronging online and offline market spaces, there are no common signs or KPIs for measuring this success. More so, the definition of product success is different for different marketers.  5 Signs that Show Positive Product Performance In other

Anti-counterfeit packaging by NeuroTags
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Digitally Connected Packaging for Anti-counterfeiting and Loyalty Programs

In the current scenario, organizations are facing continuous onslaughts of grey market trading and counterfeiting. Along with the online propagation of fake products via e-commerce platforms, brand owners are grappling with the challenges of increasing customer loyalty and brand engagements. The answer to most of these challenges lies in digital packaging and customer loyalty program software. Read on to know how anti-counterfeiting solutions and