NeuroTags Tech

Geo-targeting for effective marketing

NeuroTags helps brands in geo-targeting

Did you know, Geo-targeting is possible with offline customers too? Yes, NeuroTags makes it possible in a very simple way.

Geo-targeting is conveying different messages to the users based on their geographic locations. NeuroTags can show different landing screens based on the geo-location of the user for any of your product line. This is how NeuroTags makes geo-targeting possible in the offline market too. Continue Reading

NeuroTags Tech

Knowing your customer behavior is the key to better sales

Know your customer behaviour and where they are - Business is all about what to buy and where to sell

Michael LeBoeuf has rightly said – “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Understanding your customer behavior is the key to elevate your organization’s performance. It enables you to steer your business strategies and product enhancements in the right direction. To know whether your customers are satisfied or not, you need to know and compare your product’s visibility, sales performance, usage patterns and real customers feedback and activity in social media in different geographic locations. Continue Reading