Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Footwear Industry
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Footwear Industry is adversely affected by counterfeiting

The footwear Industry makes to the top five industries worst affected by counterfeiting. Footwears are one of the most counterfeited products in the world. Popular sports shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, etc. are the most widely counterfeited ones. People these days have become very fashion-conscious, and not everyone can afford branded footwear. As a result, many times, people consciously buy fake shoes to

Anti-Counterfeit solution for Tyre Brands
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Counterfeit tyres are a road hazard

As per the OECD report in 2007, wheels and tyres are among the most counterfeited products list. EUIPO report states that the tyre industry loses EUR 2.2 billion every year due to the presence of counterfeit tyres in the EU marketplace. In a study conducted on accident conditions, it was found that tyres with the tread depth of 1.6 mm or more minimize the

Anti-Counterfeit solution for clothing brands
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Counterfeit clothing degrades the brand’s value

In 2017, the global market lost approximately $450 billion due to counterfeits in clothing, accessories, and footwear. The figures are snowballing every year. Counterfeiting in well-performing brand’s clothing and accessories is very common. Earlier counterfeiters used to target only the high-end expensive brands, but now the fakes of most of the popular brands are available in the market. Online shopping has made selling the counterfeits much

Anti-Counterfeit solution for Dietary Supplements
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Beware, 60-70% of dietary supplements sold in India could be fake

Counterfeiters never fail to shock us. As per the joint study conducted by ASSOCHAM-RNCOS in 2015, about 60-70% of dietary supplements being sold across India are counterfeit, unregistered, or unapproved. The awareness about the well being and health is increasing amongst the people. A lot of young people are interested in bodybuilding. But the Indian diet is mostly plant-based and is not loaded with

Counterfeit auto parts may cost life
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Counterfeit auto parts may cost life

As per ACMA, counterfeit auto parts are directly or indirectly responsible for up to 20% of road accidents. This means many deaths and serious injuries can be avoided if all the fake auto parts could be eliminated. Counterfeiters these days have become so smart that fake products look and feel exactly the same as genuine ones. But the fake products are generally made of

counterfeit wine spirits are bad for consumers and manufacturers
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Counterfeit wine & spirits are bad for consumers and manufacturers

Counterfeiting in wine and spirits is nothing new. Every now and then, there is news of people falling seriously sick after consuming Counterfeit wine & spirits. Lots of people have lost their lives because of the consumption of counterfeit alcohol and spirits. As per the study by FICCI CASCADE, the alcohol industry registered revenue loss of INR 6309 in 2014 due to the fake

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Fake cosmetics have scary side-effects on consumers and the brands

Fake cosmetics contain dangerous ingredients and are manufactured in unhygienic conditions. Using such products may have unimaginable side-effects and health risks. The cosmetics industry is called a recession-proof industry and has been growing at a steady rate every year. Counterfeiting in makeup brands, too, has been increasing parallelly at an alarming rate. As per FICCI CASCADE, 30% of FMCG items in India were found

Dava Portal compliant Track & Trace with Authentication Solution by NeuroTags
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DAVA Portal compliant Track & Trace with Authentication Solution by NeuroTags

Counterfeiting is a bigger problem than we can ever imagine and counterfeiting in the industries that directly affect people’s health, is a crime. Pharmaceuticals Industry is one such industry which is adversely affected by counterfeiting. The Internet is swamped with the news related to counterfeit drug seizures these days. Fake drugs have become a threat to society. A person with minor health issues may

Digital Track and Trace Solution by NeuroTags
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Track and Trace solution by NeuroTags

Track and trace solution is becoming a necessity for every company for securing the supply chain as well as for maintaining its smooth functioning. Track and trace solution also helps in recalling the products more accurately if such a need arises. In sectors such as pharmaceuticals, implementation of Track & Trace solution has been made mandatory by the government in many countries. Track and

Technology can save farmers from fake Pesticides
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Technology can help save farmers from counterfeit pesticides

Agriculture has a big chunk of contribution in the Indian Economy. About 50% of the Indian workforce is dependent on agriculture. Even though farming is the primary source of livelihood, the farmers face many difficulties these days. Counterfeit pesticides is another addon to their hardships. Counterfeiting in pesticides is a huge risk to crops, and the farmers face significant problems because of these counterfeit

Drug Authentication System may soon be mandatory in India
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Drug Authentication System may soon to be mandatory for Pharmaceutical Companies in India

Counterfeiting in drugs and medicines has been a massive problem around the globe. Fake drugs put many lives in danger, and several times the patients die due to the consumption of counterfeit medications. To curb the counterfeiting in the Pharmaceutical Industry, the government of India may soon make the Drug Authentication System mandatory for Pharmaceutical companies. The chances are very high that this will

Anti-Counterfeit solution for toys
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Beware, Counterfeit toys are dangerous for kids

Unfortunately, toys are being counterfeited like never before. According to the OECD-EUIPO study conducted in 2016, the estimated value of global trade in counterfeit toys and games was worth USD 9.72 billion (EUR 7.12 billion) in 2013. This means 11% of trade in games and toys was lost due to counterfeits, making this industry the second-worst affected by global counterfeiting problem. Counterfeiting in Toys

Anti-Counterfeit solution for fertilizers and pesticides
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Digital Anti-Counterfeit solution to save farmers from fake Pesticides and fertilizers

In the latest counterfeit seizure done by Enforcement agencies in the EU, a massive 360 tonnes of illegal or fake pesticides has been seized. The extent of counterfeiting in this industry is shocking and alarming. Fake pesticides and fertilizers, not only hamper a brand’s reputation but also poses a health risk to a large population. The recently seized quantity of counterfeit pesticides is enough