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What is product serialization and what are its benefits?

In today’s world, when offshore manufacturing is very common, and most of the products are available globally, supply chain visibility is the biggest challenge for any product manufacturing business. Implementing product serialization helps manufacturers in managing their supply chain efficiently. In many countries, product serialization is mandatory for pharmaceutical products. There are specific guidelines to serialize the pharmaceutical products, and these guidelines may vary

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Leads and Sales
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Top 10 mobile marketing tips that drive leads and sales

Mobile is not a means for just communication anymore. It is now a modernized way to conduct business, a key to attract customers, and a tool to double revenue. According to a study, there are 9 or more new users start using a smartphone every single second today. This statistics is sufficient for marketers to understand the importance of mobile marketing.  Mobile marketing is

What is SDK and why should you use them?
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What is SDK and why use them?

If you are a mobile marketer, you probably might have heard about the term SDK, Software Development Kit several times while discussing products and services with a software development team. However, do you know what exactly it is and how important it is in software application development?  In simple terms, SDK empowers software developers quickly to build a gamut of high performing applications for

product digitization
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Product Digitization Explained

Technological advancements have disrupted the traditional methods of business operations. Now, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics are being used to create advanced and more sophisticated machines that are safer and have higher production capacity. Similarly, the digitalization of various business aspects has started happening to reap the maximum benefits of digital technology. One of these aspects is product digitization. Product Digitization Meaning Product digitization means

Top Customer segmentation metrics
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Top 6 Customer Segmentation Metrics

All customers are the same. Such a generalist approach has tanked many businesses in the past. Do you know what your customers prefer, their buying habits, transaction history, purchasing behaviors, and channel preferences? We know that customer segmentation involves dividing customers based on their shared characteristics such as age, gender, etc., but there are many more audience segmentation metrics, which will make a business

Viral marketing - Advantages and Examples
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Viral marketing – Advantages and Examples

Ever came across those Facebook viral videos and blogs that spread at lightning speed? Those could be a result of an effective viral marketing campaign. Or could be mere luck or well-curated content placed amongst the right traffic, you never know.  So, what defines viral marketing and how can you produce continuous positive results from viral marketing. Here’s what you must know about Viral

How to expand your product in a new market
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How to expand your product in a new market

With the proliferation of the Internet, the whole world is a marketplace to launch your business, product, or service, connecting consumers and businesses at a fast pace. You need to be armed with a clear strategy, which may not guarantee success but would be a starting point when it comes to market expansion.  When considering new markets to launch or expand your product, a

Retail Marketing strategies to help you get new customers
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Top 7 Retail Marketing Strategies to Help You Get New Customers

Generating sales for physical retailers is not easy in today’s world where there is a constant marketing onslaught by e-retailers like Amazon and Flipkart. The demise of stores was predicted with the rise of online retailers, but the brick and mortar stores are still sustaining, possibly satisfying a deep-rooted need of the customers to see, touch and experience, before making a purchase. Even though the

Savannah Seeds joins hands with NeuroTags to run an effective Loyalty Program
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Savannah Seeds joins hands with NeuroTags to run an effective Loyalty Program

Savannah Seeds Private Limited is one of India’s fastest growing rice seeds and smart seeding system providers. Their research and technology team is tirelessly working to provide the rice seeds that can produce high yield and can mature early. By 2050, with the global population expected to reach 9.8 billion from the current population of 7.7 billion, our food production demand will be under

India E-Commerce Consumer Protection Bill
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Indian Consumer Protection Bill 2019 Mandates Action against eCommerce Counterfeiting Frauds

Indian parliament approved a new Consumer Protection 2019 bill on August 6. The bill will regulate the trade actions of e-commerce entities selling products and service, including but not limited to eCommerce based inventory sellers, market places, e-commerce sites, or online service providers. Some of the quick examples to online service are food delivery, travel, insurance, hotels and lodges, personnel services, ticketing services, person

Amazon Transparency Program Vs NeuroTags Solution - comparative analysis
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Amazon Transparency vs. NeuroTags – A Comparative Analysis

Counterfeiting is increasing rapidly, and major eCommerce players like Amazon and Alibaba are facing it and recognizing it. In the pursuit to solve the counterfeiting problem, Amazon launched its Anti-Counterfeiting solution “Amazon Transparency” in the US in 2017. They have now brought it in Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and India. Amazon Transparency solution aims to fight the counterfeiting problem by providing

Top 10 KPIs that must be measured by Consumer Brands
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Top 10 KPIs that must be measured by Consumer Brands

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the way of measuring the performance and the effectiveness of a business, brand, project, and organization in relation to their goals. Measuring and tracking the performance of your brands is vital in helping you evaluate the progress of your business. This is why the KPIs for consumer brands must be measured and tracked to ensure continuous growth. Following are

Consumer Engagement Strategies
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Top 10 Strategies for Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement is an essential factor for business growth. It is defined as the level of touchpoint and experience that a customer has with your brand, company, product, or service. It is the ongoing interaction between your company and your customer, often offered by you and chosen by the customer. Since strategies for consumer engagement are evolving and differ from product to product, no