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How you can use Neurotags for effective marketing in the offline world

Because of the advent of smartphones, most people now have access to the internet at their fingertips. This has opened new exciting ways for marketing in the offline world. Brands can use this as an opportunity to make their presence in the market stronger. NeuroTags proves itself to be the perfect and ready-to-use platform for marketing in the offline world. Offline Marketing And NeuroTags NeuroTags

NeuroTags Anti-counterfeit Solution for Businesses that outsource Manufacturing to Offshore Vendors
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Anti-counterfeit Solution for Brands with Offshore Manufacturing Vendors

Most of the companies these days outsource the manufacturing of their products to third-party offshore vendors. Companies provide the product specifications to the vendors and Offshore Manufacturing vendors manufacture the products according to the specification. There are several reasons that companies choose to outsource manufacturing. Lower labor cost, lack of manufacturing expertise, lower business setup cost, demand higher than the local manufacturing capacity and

Loyalty program by NeuroTags
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How NeuroTags loyalty engine drives high engagement

In today’s competitive world, customers have endless options for each of their product needs. This makes customer retention the biggest challenge for the brands. There are multiple brands of a particular item, which are equally good and have similar offerings. If brands can offer something additional to their repeat customers, they will want to buy again from the same brand. Running loyalty programs help a

NeuroTags eliminates counterfeits by 100%
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How NeuroTags eliminates counterfeits by 100%

In 2017 alone, counterfeits worth $1.6 trillion were sold, which means a tremendous amount of revenue was snatched from the rightful hands. In 2018, counterfeiting was said to have become the largest criminal enterprise, leaving human trafficking and illegal drug trade behind. These facts may give you a glimpse of how big the counterfeit problem is. As soon as a product starts gaining popularity among

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Brand protection and damage control are very important in Social Media based world today

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” – Sam Walton A brand flourishes when it has its share of satisfied customers. And to keep the customers happy and satisfied, keeping Brand protection and Damage control strategies in place are very crucial. Even after following

NeuroTags helps brands in geo-targeting
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Geo-targeting for effective marketing

Did you know, Geo-targeting is possible with offline customers too? Yes, NeuroTags makes it possible in a very simple way. Geo-targeting is conveying different messages to the users based on their geographic locations. NeuroTags can show different landing screens based on the geo-location of the user for any of your product line. This is how NeuroTags makes geo-targeting possible in the offline market too.

Know your customer behaviour and where they are - Business is all about what to buy and where to sell
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Knowing your customer behavior is the key to better sales

Michael LeBoeuf has rightly said – “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” Understanding your customer behavior is the key to elevate your organization’s performance. It enables you to steer your business strategies and product enhancements in the right direction. To know whether your customers are satisfied or not, you need to know and compare your product’s visibility, sales performance, usage