Rated World's Best Paperless Warranty Management System

  • Auto manage paperless digital warranty of your products at scale!
  • Capture customer data and feedback to improve your services.
  • Increase revenue by upselling related products, parts and services at right time.

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Why Digital Warranty Management System?

Paperless warranty increases brand trust and value, which in turn increases number of happy and satisfied customers. Unique serialized warranty codes also helps in reducing frauds by retailers and distributors.
Automatic Warranty Registration

Customers scan the QR code and register themselves with your brand family, without need to download any app. Customers data is automatically managed in Customer Data Platform. You can auto send personalized acknowledgement on SMS and Email.

Warranty Claims Management

Customers can know all the information of warranty servicing center by scanning the QR code. Your service centers can validate the warranty period of the product with a single scan.

Warranty Extensions and Services

In case you have warranty extension option, automatic email and SMS services can go to customers to extend it by paying online. System also sends automatic servicing reminders.

Warranty Registration Process for Customers
Extremely simple for customers to register for maximum participation.

Customer scans the QR code placed on the product or paper card.
Scan product tag for warranty registration
Enters the details along with the invoice/bill copy.
User details entry and bill upload for warranty registration
Done! Warranty is registered with acknowledge sent via SMS and Email.
Warranty registered

Unique Benefits of Our Warranty Management System
Go green and become more efficient with paperless digital warranty management.

  • World's best warranty management software with highest conversion and RoI
  • Helps reduce fraud in warranty claims by retailers and distributors
  • Helps reduce counterfeiting as counterfeiters can not provide the unique warranty codes of your system
  • Integrated with the Consumer Data Platform and Marketing Automation
  • Helps you analyse your product's sale in real-time
  • Helps you upsell your warranty extensions, product-parts and related products
  • Integrated with automatic Email and SMS communication
  • Helps you get right feedback and performance of your various products
Warrant Management System

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