Powerful and economical Track and Trace Solution

  • Economically track and trace your products journey across your supply chain
  • No more guessing, all the data points and events are tracked and available at a click

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Supply chain track and trace solution

Track entire product journey from factory till consumer

We combine AI monitored Serialization technology with analytic tools which help in forecasting. Unique codes can be economically printed, engraved or tagged on items as QR code, which makes the entire process very cost effective.
Powerful Serialization

Each product item gets a unique random serialized code, which can be printed in the form of QR. This enables tracking and tracing from factory till end user in real-time and economical.

Item Traceability and Simple Recalls

Items can be traced individually or via batch numbers. Batches which are identified as problematic can be recalled with a click of a button.

Supply Chain Stock Insight

You can track the inventory in real-time and setup alerts to send reports on dead-stock. Stock reconciliation is inbuilt and economical to implement.

Real-time Visibility
Track and trace from warehouse, to distributors, to retailers and till end-consumers

NeuroTags Track and Trace of Supply Chain

NeuroTags Track and Trace Benefits
Economically capture and analyse the holistic view of your entire supply chain

  • Economical to implement
  • Captures all the data points and events in your supply chain
  • Helps in identifying and preventing diversions
  • Helps losses due to dead and expiring stocks
  • Gives a complete holistic picture of your supply chain in real-time
  • Helps you easily identify the faulty vendors and put legal liabilities on them
  • Helps you easily recall the faulty products to limit potential lawsuits
  • Helps in reducing the counterfeiting of your brands in the market
NeuroTags Track and trace solutions benefits

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