Neurotags custom solution for Indian Pharma

NeuroTags team has designed an out of the box, usable, and customized solution for the need of Indian pharma industry to quickly align with the guidelines of Government of India.

Protect Your Brand

No more counterfeits!

  • World’s most effective anti-counterfeit tags backed by patent-pending technology and AI
  • Prevents and Demotivates imitators to sell fakes under your brand
  • 24x7 monitoring for anomaly signals

Dynamic and Customizable
Platform to Showcase Your Products

  • Labels and unique codes are based on
    GS1 standard
  • 2D Data matrix or advanced QR code
    can be generated
  • These tags can be scanned by white labeled NeuroTags mobile app
    as well as any other QR/2D code matrix reader
  • Can be in incorporated without disturbing
    current production line
  • Let your products tell their
    stories and benefits
  • Compatible with DAVA Portal
    ( ready XML file / report generation )

Track and Trace Solutions

  • Enable tracking and shipment (GS1 Standard) with virtually no initial investment
  • Collect real-time data of any link of the supply chain (Primary secondary and tertiary packaging)
  • Monitor shipment location and efficiency
    in real time.
  • Reduce manpower and infrastructure cost by our centralized cloud solution

Data Analytics and
Business Intelligence

  • Up to minutes of real-time
    Analytics Data
  • Region wise product
  • BI tools to automate the
    reselling and upselling
  • Immediate user behavior and
    feedback data