Anti-Counterfeit and Consumer Engagement Solution for Cannabis Industry

Branded cannabis manufacturer challenges

  • 01
    Connection to end consumers
  • 02
    Manufacturer to consumer supply chain visibility and validation
  • 03
    Counterfeiting and black market

NeuroTags has a patent-pending and
app-free smartphone solution that:

  1. Simultaneously enhances and defends your brand
  2. Creates customer confidence that your branded product is authentic
  3. Fosters the development of a consumer to brand loyalty to lock in future sales
  4. Provides market analytics to fine-tune marketing and sales programs

How NeuroTags works

Sample tags on products

Supply-chain with NeuroTags

Consumers can verify authenticity with a single scan from their camera

(no app required!)

Enhance and viral your brand

  • Geo-location based product pages
    Showcase your campaigns and events screens based on user’s location for each scan
  • Product story and virality
    Influence buyers with your product’s story that they will love to tell their friends
  • Right message, right moment!
    Let your best marketing ads be seen when it matters the most
  • Product proposition
    Let your products tell their benefits and social impact
  • Brand socialization
    Increase social media influence and ratings for your products

Create consumer confidence

(right for me? fake?)
(with NeuroTags)

Loyalty engine to gamify consumer experience

Customers earn loyalty points on purchase of your product.
They redeem loyalty points on the next purchase of any of your products.
They enjoy cash discounts, you earn loyal customers.

Enable e-commerce to enable buy from anywhere

  • Let users re-order via tag scan
    User can scan the tag and click the “Subscribe” or “Buy” button to re-order

Consumer feedback to connect better

Intelligent automation for repeated sales

Sales automation can be customized for any product, and is tracked via tags

Real-time visibility of products

From warehouse to distributors to dispensaries to consumers

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Deployment and success

  • 3 Weeks
    Takes one time 3 weeks to integrate the process with packaging divisions or vendors
  • 3.5M Products in market
    3.5+ million products in the market (~20% loyalty activation rate after purchase)
  • 4B Products in pipeline
    4 billion products in the sales pipeline
    from world's top brands

Our team works with you to automate the production process

NeuroTags team possesses deep expertise in integration with different tagging mechanisms. Usually, it takes three weeks to formalize the process and put it into action (it may vary depending on your current setup and the type of printers or labelers you use at the moment).


Scalable technology designed by the best brains

  • Secure and scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Scale from millions to trillions of items without hiccups
  • Customization and white-labeling as required
  • 24x7 technical support
  • Efficient and passionate team


Focus on your core business with peace of mind, offload other work on us.

  • Brand

  • Showcase
    Your Products

  • Track User Data
    (with Geo Location)

  • Better
    Business Intelligence

  • Loyalty, referral programs
    to engage buyers